Goal with Financing

As Open-Registry is a Open Service, one requirement is that the finances are open to public to inspect. The details will be visible both on the homepage and on the metrics dashboard, where people can drill down into the details if they so wish.


For more details, see the document about Governance

The Treasurer is elected by votes and is responsible for the donation pipeline and making sure expenses are paid.


No funds should enter/leave the account without knowing where it comes from and where it's going. It should also be viewable by the public.

Payment Methods

Currently, funding happens via LiberaPay under the username Open-Registry-Community.

The LiberaPay account is connected with Stripe and PayPal and goes to the current treasurer who is responsible for payments.

We hope to replace this with a OpenCollective in the future.

Financing API

Notes for developers who implement the metrics API for financing outlines current funding

curl -u 'user-id:password' is currently running servers

Get Traffic

curl -u user-id:password \ --data-urlencode 'type=month' \ --data-urlencode 'from=2010-09-01' \ --data-urlencode 'to=2010-09-31' \ --data-urlencode 'ip='


curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer ' \ -H 'Accept: application/json' \


Possible Services

The following services are to be connected to get the full picture of the financing

  • Paypal - Actual incoming donations
  • Stripe - Actual incoming donations
  • LiberaPay - Expected incoming donations
  • OpenCollective - Expected incoming donations
  • Hetzner - Show expected + actual costs
  • DNSimple - Actual costs

Metrics to include

  • How much the organization costs in total
  • Where does that cost go to exactly
  • How much we pay in fees/tax on donations
  • How much is donated right now
  • How much of that has been spent
  • On what has that been spent? is a dedicated domain for the API of financing for Open-Registry

The root URL of the api is and there is no authentication.

Responses might include data that is up to one hour old.

GET /income/now

The current status of income


  "donators": 32,
  "liberapay": {
    "username": "Open-Registry-Community",
    "donators": 10,
    "receiving": {
      "amount": "10.32",
      "currency": "EUR"
  "receiving": {
    "amount": "123.23",
    "currency": "EUR"

GET /income/day

Response is an array of responses structured like /income/now but for each day for the last 30 days

GET /income/week

Same as /income/day but for each week the last 3 months

GET /income/month

Same as /income/day but for each month the last 1 year

GET /income/year (not to implemented yet)

Same as /income/day but for each year the last 3 years

GET /income/all

Full history since day one, grouped by months

GET /expenses