10 second QuickStart

Getting started with Open-Registry could not be easier.

Simply run the following code snippet in your terminal and you're all set to go!

npm config set registry https://npm.open-registry.dev

If you use yarn instead of npm (or some other client), simply replace npm above with yarn to use Open-Registry with yarn

yarn config set registry https://npm.open-registry.dev

Stop using Open-Registry

It's not only simple to start using Open-Registry, it's easy to leave to. If you at any point want to go back to not using Open-Registry, simply run the following command in your terminal: (again, replacing npm with for example yarn, if that's your client of choice)

npm config remove registry

Start your own registry

Notice: this section is only for users who have lots of space to run their own registry, and can also maintain it. If you just want to use Open-Registry without any complications, try the steps in the top of this document first.

To be written